I am a strong believer that we have to tell our own stories. Our oral traditions and documentary history reveal our challenges and our triumphs. Not only because of what they contain, but also because of what was excluded. Our children inherit a legacy of resilience from a people who carried on with unrelenting hope and a faith, a people whose strength is measured purely in the fact that we are yet here. We’ve come a mighty, mighty long way.  

In 1991, this writer began a journey of exploration into the annals of her family history. From that moment until now, Genealogy and family history has been her passion. Family history research led her to a discovery of many amazing accomplishments made by her ancestors and also exposed her to the many painful events they faced as descendants both of Englishmen and Africans on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

With over 20 years of genealogical experience and an excellent grasp of social history, Sandra had made it her mission to share the bittersweet joys of family history research with the world. In 2016, Sandra founded the non-profit corporation Baobab Genealogy Society, Inc. with a mission to raise awareness of this exciting, informative and inspirational look into the past.

Sandra is a sought-after public speaker and presenter at conferences, museums, schools and universities, Libraries, churches, television, radio and other venues. She is the recipient of the 2018 Caribbean American Heritage Award.

Emancipation Day Workshop, Christ The King Anglican Church, Barbados, 2018
Film, Panama Dreams, Genealogy Consultant
Barbados Tourism Product Authority, Genealogy Day, 2016-2018
St. Ann’s Anglican Church, National Heroes Day, Barbados 2018
New York Public Library, Countee Cullen Libary, 2018 
Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Hartford, CT, 2018
Caribbean Association of Cuba, Havana, 2017
Panama Canal 100th Anniversary, Panama, 2014 
Beaulah Church of the Nazarene, Brooklyn, NY 
Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade,BNC Conference,2012-14
New England Museum Association, CT
Connecticut Museum and Historical Society, CT
Connecticut State Library, Luncheon Series, CT
Barbados Museum and Historical Society
Barbados Consulate at New York, National Heroes Day, NYC




Church of the Nazarene

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

African Methodist Episcopal Church

Good Morning Barbados

Looking Back a presentation on Radio 100.7 Q FM Barbados

Caribbean Association of Cuba, Havana, Cuba

Collymore Family Reunion

Genealogy Consultant for Panama Dreams, a historical drama